Guardian Angel Crystal Suncatcher - 25cm Decorative Angel - Mother's Day Gift Idea


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SUNCATCHERS are a unique way to bring colour, light, and personality into any living space using Crystals, Holographic Prisms and Diffraction to turn every ray of light into vibrant rainbow colours that stretch out and envelope your room

A multi faceted crystal pulls in bouncing light energy into your home and creates unexpected patterns of colour light beams. Its radiant charm can help align the energy of our home by intentionally opening us up to a variety of energetic possibilities (like the variety of colours in the rainbow spectrum) that might be even more aligned with our desires that we think. 

Benefits of having a Crystal Sun Catcher in you home

  • It can activate positive energy or breaks up negative energy.
  • They can help balance areas that lack light and colour.
  • The multidimensional light can calm or balance out areas with too much chaotic energy (clutter)
  • You can change a  particular energy in your home with the accent crystals on your sun-catcher, each crystal has its own spiritual meaning.

    Filigree Design Angel Sun Catcher

    Decorative Angel approx 40 mm x 0 mm
    35 mm Crystal Ball
    4 mm small clear crystals on the upper and lower level of the string 
    Cluster of Blue/Smokey Grey Coloured Crystals above the larger Crystal Ball
    25 cm in length with metal ring for hanging 

    Presented in a Gift Box